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Be Democracy moves in a great circle of training, organization, action of local leaders, groups and collectives.
Seja Democracia (Be Democracy) is a plural political training center designed by the Maria and João Aleixo Institute, with priority for young black people who form the periphery throughout Brazil. It invests in the construction of methodologies, concepts, propositions and actions that expand the possibilities of reinventing ways of doing politics and relating to the public sphere of Brazilian society, based on the radicalization of democracy.
Where are we
Seja Democracia is distributed in person at in-person centers in RJ, MG, SP, BA, PE and PB. Through groups of people who come together based on the need to build actions that improve the lives of residents of their community, favela, neighborhood, municipality, we carry out Training, Organization and Political Action. Check out our hubs, political formation centers and popular struggle committees on the map below. Be part of this movement!
Bahia Unit
  • GRUMAP (Group of women from Alto das Pombas)
  • Black Reference
  • Overcoming - Center for Dialogues with People with Disabilities
  • Today seeds of tomorrow
  • Get politicized
  • Unity is the strength of Iraq Street
  • Vagalumes Association
  • Forum of Civil Society Organizations of Bahia
  • Obinrin Ni Keke
  • Women in politics group
  • Action Center to Combat Fatphobia
  • Feira de Santana conversation circle
  • What Democracy do we want?
  • Democratic Periphery - BUMBÁ
  • Collective Construction Committee
  • Daughters of Jacira Committee
  • JPR Lower City Committee
  • Itinerant Committee for Democracy
Paraíba Unit
  • Young people in action
  • Acajaman
  • ARCA
  • Cariri Be Democracy
  • Agriculture
  • Women who welcome
  • Women X 2
  • S C Capiberibe
  • Participatory democracy
  • Quebradas
  • Little Crack X 6
  • Aquilombar
  • Youth empowerment
  • SJC Girls
  • Diverse bodies
  • New Vision
  • Black November Center for Democracy
  • Black Core is beautiful
  • Long Live Democracy Committee
  • ACAJAMAN Committee
  • Cariri for Democracy
  • Women for more democracy.
  • Serra Branca in defense of democracy
Pernambuco Unit
  • Black Youth Center
  • Peripheral Powers
  • Mais Social - Democracy training center
  • Empowering Women with the Art of Learning, Making and Marketing
  • Pernambuco Youth Forum (FOJUPE)
  • Iburoteca Maria de Lima Cultural Center
  • Taking care of us
  • Territory and Connection
  • ANEPE / Coalition
  • Black Women's Network
  • Bird Woman Space
  • Baque Mulher Female Empowerment Movement
  • More Democracy
  • They used theater to dominate, we will use theater to liberate
  • MABI - Movement Breaking Invisible Barriers
  • Christ Square
  • Coletivo Caranguejo Tabaiares Resists
Rio de Janeiro Unit
  • Space for exchange and training with children aged 6 to 12 years old
  • BR Strippers
  • Balance of the World
  • Combat violence against peripheral women
  • Ponte Cultural Collective
  • Straight Talk Defiça
  • Nutri Sunflower
  • Mangueirinha Complex Committee
  • Reception and support center for people who care for their mental health Rosaura Maria Bráz
  • Favela Committee
  • The Vira Voto Committee.
  • "Speak up, neighbor!"
  • Alive and happy youth. Free from Fake News.
  • Observatory and the 2022 elections.
  • Do Well
  • Democratic Conversation Circle.
São Paulo Unit
  • Pop Street Movement
  • Sustainable territories
  • Véio Griô Cultural Association
  • Afurban Dialogues
  • Dona Rossi Space
  • Hug you
  • Our money, our people
  • Carnarua
  • QDA CONTRA HUNGER - Capoeira de Angola Cultural Center and Jardim São Paulo Residents Association
  • Germinar Project
  • Be Democracy in Schools
  • Occupation Chácara Gonzaga
  • Golden Eye Girls Association
  • Jardim Amália Residents Association
  • Expand quotas
  • Caring mothers
  • Junior Parliament
  • Art in the streets
Pará Unit
  • Be Democracy Cabanagem
Rio Grande do Sul Unit
  • Collective of Capoeira Masters and Teachers of Caxias do Sul
  • Democratizing Poá
  • Street democracy
  • Collective About Them
Amapá Unit
  • All we can do is fight on the periphery
Amazonas Unit
  • Hope for Democracy
  • Serra Branca in defense of democracy
  • Mothers of Light
  • Women in the fight, no one lets go of anyone's hand
  • Culture in everyday reality
Minas Gerais Unit
  • Doulas Association
  • Ully Project
  • Mada Collective
  • Network of Community Libraries I am from Minas, iai
  • Uniquilombos Carolina Maria de Jesus
  • Reexist Collective
  • Chat with Favela
  • Balaio Collective
  • Radio MNDH MINAS and IPAD collective
  • Zaira DNA
  • Conceição Evaristo Cultural Center
  • "The story that history doesn't tell"
  • Nigga Chat Podcast
  • EMPODERE MG - Professional mentoring for young black women
  • Food security and democracy, is it all or nothing?
  • Open Book Community Library
  • Library and social space
  • Political Training Center
  • Open Book Community Library
  • Santa Luzia Center
  • Vila Jardim São José
  • Recanto das Nascentes Committee
  • Exercise of democracy and promotion of the participation of young people from the periphery in politics
  • Riverside Women and Artisans
  • Aquilombar Collective
  • + 5.000
    people trained over the years in our courses
  • + 20.000
    people directly impacted in the territories by our political formation centers
  • + 600.000
    people impacted on the networks by our citizen participation committees
Political training program that takes place annually and aims to build a peripheral democratic agenda that supports the consolidation of democracy and the Brazilian republic, with a focus on overcoming inequalities and existing patriarchal, patrimonial and racist practices. To this end, it offers classes on strategic topics for understanding democratic culture and promotes the creation of territorial centers for political action, among others.
We select people participating in collectives, social and cultural movements, civil society institutions, universities, associations or community leaders with an interest in being trained and acting as multipliers of the theoretical and methodological contents of Be Democracy in their territories. ​In our selection criteria we will seek to meet gender, ethnic and identity parity, in addition to the cultural diversity representative of peripheral territories.
Watch your class here!
Watch our playlist! Be Democracy, in partnership with the São Paulo Parliament School, developed the training course "Dialogues in defense of democracy".
There are 3 training seminars, each consisting of 3 virtual meetings and with the presence of experts to discuss Patrimonialism, Patriarchy and Structural Racism.
Political formation map
The Political Formation Map is an integrated path of training, organization and political action, based on the experiences of people on the periphery. It was created to contribute to the training of young leaders from the periphery and, with this, build local groups and collectives based on their demands for rights.
It contains video classes with important themes for understanding the limits and possibilities of democracy, as well as a roadmap for creating centers for political action and training.
Training path
Published by Editora Periferias with support from the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the book "Seja Democracy: form, organize and act" is a call for the political formation of all people fighting for the radicalization of democracy in Brazil.
Created to also serve people who do not have regular access to the internet, the Seja Democracia app offered access to the Interactive Map, a training path with several interactive classes, planning and monitoring of the actions of the Seja Democracia Centers in their territories, available on IOS and Android.
Check out our manifesto letters that explain our positions on issues of public interest!
Rua Teixeira Ribeiro, 535. Maré, Rio de Janeiro - RJ.
CEP: 21044-251
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