Ejo and other short stories. Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse

Rwanda may even be known, or only remembered, for the Tutsi genocide of 1994. But in Ejo and Lézardes, collections of short stories by Blessed Umubyiei Mairesse, it is in the multiplicity of destinies, faults and wounds, but also of scars, that the narratives of characters who were victims, but who are, above all, subjects of survival, are manifested. On the crackle structure of racism and colonialism that is glimpsed, among other things, in the apparently blind Rwandan resignation to Catholicism, new and diverse strategies of overcoming life arise, where complicity is the strongest, intimacy and fraternal respect in which the living in exile and the homeland are recognized in trauma and in the plot. These trajectories cross to constitute collective narratives that resignify, or not, the Ejo of yesterday-tomorrow, or the fissures by which in Lézardes the characters are, among the tales, on the hill, in the city, in the lake or in the countryside, in Kigali or Butare, on the borders between Zaire (Congo), Uganda, Burundi, or even France, Belgium, Canada or the USA.

Pages: 284
Edition: 1st
Year: 2021
ISBN: 9786587799032