Andora Jair de Sousa e Silva

Andora is Jair’s debut novel, a narrative that has as a reference a grandfather he never met and pays tribute to his maternal grandmother, Andora, a black woman from the interior of Rio Grande do Norte. Jair fictionalizes the story of his family, presents a creative, powerful and sensitive narrative.

To whet your curiosity, follow the text of the fourth cover of the book, which entangles characters, family history, transit and ancestry.

"Jorge Miguel never imagined that he would have this kind of problem in Rio de Janeiro. He did not premeditate, just let himself be taken by desire and knows that Andora will also pay a very high price for what happened between them. And blamed himself. The news fell like a bomb when it came to the knowledge of the fervent Catholic parents who were his. They thought it was a divine punishment for letting their son travel to the capital, which they thought was a city full of temptations, quite different from their little Santana do Livramento."

Edition: 1st
Year: 2023