Researchers of basic education

Basic Education Researchers: germinating Actions and Knowledge in Peripheral Public Schools is the result of research conducted in peripheral public schools in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, from powerful pedagogical practices of black teachers/es, with racial and/or gender focus. It presents a rich and systematized experience of textual productions of other knowledge, through formative antiracist and anti-homophobic narratives, elements of power of the peripheral public school. The research is the result of the 2nd edition of the Call for Researchers of Basic Education in the Peripheries, carried out by the Maria and João Aleixo Institute in partnership with the Unibanco Institute. The objective is to contribute to the full development of/students in public education networks, as well as to the improvement of learning outcomes. The book presents six powerful pedagogies that promote the autonomy of students and the deconstruction of stigmas of race and gender, and is part of a fundamental strategy to recognize the power of the public school and its subjects, strengthen and make visible this power and create pedagogical mechanisms based on studies, new methodologies, new forms of institutional articulations and pedagogical networks that allow overcoming machismo, sexism and racism within the public school space.