Favela reinvents the city Jailson de Souza e Silva | Jorge Barbosa | Mário Pires Simão

Favela reinvents the city, volume 2 of Favela: joy and pain in the city (2005), presents, with renewed vigor, its new project agenda for the city of Rio de Janeiro - democratic and fraternal and in which the favela combines as a maximum expression of resistance, power and singular dynamics in the city from the human dimension. Advances in elaborations that think the city from the favela, encouraging us to challenge hegemonic views and discourses, which conceive the favela as a waste of the urbanization process and, the favela people, from an incisive and purposeful process of "monstrualization"depriving them of the dignified conditions of living the city. Subsidized by studies, research and, above all, experiences and experiences of its authors, the fundamental challenge proposed is the affirmation of differences the recognition of the condition of rights of favela people, as a central element for the full exercise of rights and reinvention of the city.

Year: 2020