Macumba. Rodrigo Santos

The daring of Rodrigo Santos gives freshness to the police fiction in a seductive plot that brings a portrait of the Brazilian peripheries with strong presence of Afro-Amerindian religiosities. With originality, he incorporates into contemporary narratives the mythology and the complex of beliefs, the worldview inherited from Africa. Macumba was originally edited in 2016, sold out in a few months and lacked a new edition. In it, Rodrigo Santos tells the story of Akèdjè and Ramiro - the first, African spiritual leader in the distant past; the second, a Civil Police detective in the present. Akèdjè was, in his time, an important baba of the Ketu people, which originated, in Brazil, one of the nations of Candomblé. Ramiro, in turn, appears in the novel as a policeman, evangelical, competent and circumspect. Stories of yesterday and today follow each chapter, mediated by characters, events and the suspense surrounding the plot.

Pages: 288
Edition: 2nd
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9788565679978