Peripheries under surveillance and control. Aiala Colares Couto

The "geographical look" of Aiala Colares' work sheds light on the strategies of action that structure drug trafficking and militia in the outskirts of Belém, exploring their forms of domination and redefinition in the territories. They acquire global meaning, in the various spatial scales resulting from their territorial unveiling the logic of action of drug trafficking and its networks and flows that create power structures that connect the local and the global in the transnational relations of the illicit drug trade, in order to use cities and peripheries as their operational bases, organized crime factions or commands, which control the main routes of interest of the spatial circuit of drug distribution. Militias in Belém, a recent phenomenon of domination by the city’s armed civilian groups, with characteristics similar to those of Rio de Janeiro’s militias, intersect with drug trafficking, accentuating disputes and violence against residents of the peripheries. Subject to these types of violence and also to the various forms of state violence, the periphery reinvents its way of resisting and creating alternatives for territorial and community development, as Aiala reveals.

Year: 2020